/ What types of chiropractic techniques does Dr. Frank utilize?

National Diversified technique – a traditional manual spinal adjustment utilizing short-lever maneuvers with the hands only.

Flexion/Distraction techniques – spinal stretching using a specialized table to flex the spine and traction or “decompress” the vertebral discs and vertebral posterior joints.
Thompson Drop technique – spinal adjustment utilizing a special table with “drop pieces”. Although a manual technique, Thompson techniques is considered a lower force technique than the National Diversified technique.
Activator Methods technique – spinal adjustment utilizing a special adjusting tool called and Activator that mechanically adjusts the joint by a series of very light but quick thrusts. This is by most to be considered the quintessential light-force Chiropractic adjusting technique.
Sacro-Occipital technique – a form of spinal adjustment that utilizes minimal force and typically involves the use of wedges or “blocks” that are place in certain positions (patient lying in prone or supine position) to realign the spine over a period of several minutes.